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"I equals all of the ifs added up over time. The ifs, the possibilities, those are infinite for all of us. Time, that’s finite for each of us, no question there. Maybe if you divide the choices you make by the time you have the real I can emerge, depending upon those choices."


- Demetri Martin


     I am a graduate  of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with degrees in both Theater and Dance Arts with concentrations in design, technology and management. 

     I am a card carrying member of IATSE Locals 631 (Orlando) and 636 (State College, PA), and have worked various shows and music tours including, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Blue Man Group, Justin Timberlake's 20/20 tour, the 2014 Mussellman's Family Ice Skating Tribute (Nationally televised on ABC in November and December), and The Illusionists (a current Broadway performance). 

     Currently I am employed as a Full-Time Entertainment Stage Technician Cast Member with the Walt Disney World Company, however, I still work as a free lance stage hand and photographer when I can. 


     Growing up, I was always around the camera. I danced on a local studio's competitive team, and due to this, I was always in different shoots for documentary purposes as well as publicity for the studio and team.

      As I grew older I started using my dad's camera and found that I had a natural talent for the art, and continued to practice the skill into my high school years and college. 

     Once I became a member of the theater department at IUP, I saw there was a need for a student photographer to help with publicity for the Lively Arts office, and to document the performances for the department as well. 

     From there, my passion for the art of photography swelled as did my desired to create better work. I bought a new camera and stated doing shoots with friends from around campus to hone my talents farther. 

     Today, photography is a hobby I enjoy to practice, as well as something I hope to continue in a more professional setting.

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